The best keep secret is out! Toshi Sushi in Vancouver is a great little sushi spot. For those of you who like to find the hidden gems in a city – this is definitely the place for you. The sushi is fresh and delicious. If you are anything like me, you will have a hard time deciding exactly which dish to choose. Just reading the menu will make you salivate. Whether you choose the tuna, a sashimi bowl, the tempura, or the gyoza you can’t go wrong.

After hearing lots of buzz about this little restaurant, we decided we must give it a try. We weren’t disappointed. Just thinking about the spicy agedashi tofu makes me want to go back again for more.

This sushi spot does not take reservations, so be sure to get there early. Other people have found this treasure of a restaurant, as well. Even though this is a highly popular spot, it still has the feel of a quaint restaurant. Although bustling with customers, this restaurant’s wait staff is friendly and helpful. They definitely keep up the service with refills or anything else you might need.

So if you are up in the air about where to go eat sushi, and you live in the Vancouver area, Toshi Sushi is a must. You simply must give it a try. For great food, lively atmosphere, and excellent pricing, you will not be disappointed. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

181 E 16th Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T4R2, Tel: (604) 874-5173


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