Takoyaki are also known as Japanese Octopus Dumpling Balls. Kansai people proud themselves of making the best takoyaki in Japan. We can buy it in any corner in Osaka and it’s always delicious!

If we cook it at home it can be served as a meal or as an appetizer to a larger dish. Here is a traditional recipe for this dish. It takes about a half hour to prepare and a half hour to cook and this is only for four servings so make sure you make enough time.

Ingredients You Will Need:

1 2/3 cup flour
2 ½ cup dashi soup
2 eggs
Aprox. ½ pound boiled octopus, sliced into chunks or strips
¼ cup green onion
¼ cup dried red shrimp (sakura ebi)
¼ cup pickled red ginger, chopped or shredded
Dried bonito flakes
Green seaweed powder
Worcestershire sauce or Takoyaki sauce

1) Mix flour, eggs, and soup together in a bowl to make your basic batter. Make sure it is mixed well.
2) Grease the inside of your takoyaki grill pan, each cup should be full
3) Place ginger, onion, and octopus into each hole
4) Grill the balls turning with a spoon or pick
5) When the balls become a nice rick brown remove from the grill and allow a couple minutes for them to cool
6) Spoon sauce and mayonaise over balls and then garnish with seaweed powder and bonito flakes

You can accompany this dish with a room temperature saki for a drink, or you can serve it as an appetizer for another seafood course in a meal. Hot and sour soup also makes a great edition to these tastes to give a full meal for you and your guests to enjoy.

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