Sushi is a delicious, healthy, and customisable food that has delighted the taste buds of millions of people across the world. While a traditional sushi recipe includes raw fish, there are several variations using cooked fish, cooked poultry, vegetarian rolls, etc. Before getting extravagant, a beginner first needs to master the art of successfully preparing a basic sushi recipe.

The list of essential sushi ingredients is relatively small and can be tailored to suit individual tastes. The basic ingredients are rice, rice vinegar, and sushi nori (the strips of black seaweed). Toppings and fillings are a matter of personal taste and can be tailored to suit an individual’s diet, allergies, and general preferences. Some potential sushi ingredients include slabs of fish, eel, crab, fish roe, pickled vegetables, and numerous others. Soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger are the traditional accompaniments served with sushi.

Preparing the rice in the correct way is a very important step. Short-grained rice is the only type of rice that can be used. Long-grain rice tends to be more dry and does not stick together well. The first step is to cook the rice according to the package directions. Prepare the vinegar dressing by combining the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in a ratio of 4 to 2 to .5, respectively. Combine the dressing with the rice.

Nigiri is one of the simplest forms because it does not require rolling or a sushi kit. Nigiri is handmade and very simple, generally requiring only two steps. First, it requires pressing rice into a rectangular mound using the palms of the hands. Second, a topping is draped over the rice. The most common topping for nigiri is a slab of raw fish. A common addition is to wrap the nigiri with sushi nori. Often, people will order only the slab of raw fish. This is NOT referred to as sushi, but rather it is called “sashimi”.
nigiri How to make sushi

To prepare typical sushi rolls, a sushi kit may come in handy. Kits generally come with a mat, a paddle, and an instructional book. Mats are excellent tools for rolling maki sushi (“maki” refers to rolls) and the paddle is used for spreading the sticky rice. To make maki, first lay a sheet of nori over the mat and spread the prepared rice over the nori. Next, place fillings lengthwise down the center of the rice. Roll up the mat, so that it takes a cylinder-like form. Gently press the mat to give the maki its shape. Remove the mat. Finally, cut the maki cylinder into the smaller pieces known as sushi rolls.
making sushi How to make sushi

The California roll is one of the most popular sushi rolls. While most maki sushi places the nori on the outside, the california roll has the rice on the outside. At first, the sheet of nori is still placed directly onto the mat while the rice is pressed firmly over it. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the rice. The nori is then flipped over so that the rice is touching the mat. This is the step that gives the California roll its distinguished inside-out appearance. Next, place the avocado and crab down the center of the nori. As with the standard roll described above, roll the mat, remove it, and cut the cylinder into smaller rolls. Enjoy!
california roll How to make sushi

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