Bento boxes are a fun and unique way to bring a touch of Japanese culture into one’s meal time. Unfortunately, many of these bento boxes are made more for style than for functionality, and these cute containers consistently break after a few uses. However, Bento Colors are unique in that they are both durable and fashionable. Bento Colors allow you to carry your meal in style without worrying about the sturdiness of the container.

Bento colors

After having been frustrated by numerous flimsy bento, it is certainly a relief to carry meals in Bento Colors. It has three convenient compartments, allowing you to keep the different components of your meal separate and fresh. There are no more worries about your salad becoming soggy from the sauce on your chicken! The three inner boxes stack upon one another, and are kept securely in place by an outer box which safely clips closed. Unlike so many other bento, there are never any problems with leaks or cracks. You can be assured that Bento Colors will transport your food soundly.

Of course, it would defeat the purpose of owning a bento if the bento were not cute and stylish. Thankfully, Bento Colors have managed to combine functionality with fashion. Bento Colo come in six bright varieties: Blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and green. There is a bento to suit anybody’s personal style and tastes.

Bento Colors from Thomas Bertrand on Vimeo.


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Bento boxes are a fun and unique way to bring a touch of Japanese culture into one’s meal time. Unfortunately, [...]

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